"Your attitude, not your aptitude,

will determine your altitude."

Willpower, tenacity, analytical skills are the qualities that make the difference in the path to your goals. Markets change quickly and understanding the direction before others do gives you a great competitive advantage. If you are doing things the way you did them 5 years ago, don't be surprised if you don't achieve the same results today.

OpenSource Business Intelligence

The web today offers an almost infinite source of market information, and it is essential to know how to search, identify and collect information useful for your business.

Networking & Conversations

Knowing, sharing, comparing within your own network of relationships is the best way to increase the level of public awareness of us and our products and services. 

Analysis & 

From data analysis, short term (action), medium term (tactics) and long term (strategy) objectives must be defined in a way that is consistent with the successes we want to achieve.

KPIs, Metrics and Monitoring

Like on a trip, you look at the map, set the gps navigator to make sure you stay on course. In business, you must identify the key indicators in order not to get off track.

Capitalising and sharing knowledge

Experience @Work

How valuable is the knowledge, culture and experience of your sales force?

Selling products or services are two completely different processes. It is not a question of sales technique but culture, of a different approach to the prospect. If the sales method that has guaranteed your success until yesterday no longer works, you must have the courage to question yourself, analyse the market, study your competitors and develop a new approach. To do this, you need culture and experience for your sales force; you need to invest and build a collaborative environment rather than a competitive one to encourage knowledge sharing and transfer.

Maintaining efficiency

Changes in the market are happening with increasing frequency and speed. Having a sales force capable of picking up on the signals, adapting to change and reacting at an equal rate has become one of the keys to success for any company. In an expanding market, move efficiently to secure new market shares. In a stable market, be dynamic and aggressive to erode market share from competitors. In a shrinking market, it is also essential to know how to defend oneself from the attacks of the competition, to have customer retention strategies. Your machine must always be at its most efficient to succeed in all these situations.

Capturing new insights from data

I happened to hear about 'inspiration' about new approaches to sales. The quality of an 'inspiration' often depends on the individual's professional experience. It sometimes happens that new ideas arise from observing what is happening around us. Still, before letting yourself be carried away by enthusiasm, it is necessary to look for confirmation in the data and analyse the market (customers, prospects, competitors and general economic data) to seek confirmation of your intuitions. The transition from "inspiration" to "illusion" happens in an instant, and often along the way, you have missed many good opportunities to grow your business.

From local to global business

Business growth is often an opportunity to expand one's commercial reach. Expanding one's market from domestic to global is a challenge that brings into play critical investment capabilities before one can even profit from new sales. Penetrating international markets implies knowing their assets, the structure of the consumption of goods and services, not least being able to speak their language and understand their culture. This is true in B2B as well as in B2C; exporting is very different from an actual process of internationalisation. The sales force is the first line in this process and must be capable and adapted to these new challenges.

Analyse, Understand and Plan

The GOAL is a dream with a DEADLINE...

...and fail isn't an option!

Napoleon Hill's phrase is a perfect summary of what I consider a winning approach. When I hear about "resilience" in business development I cringe. Resilience includes concepts such as adaptation, survival and strengthening in a condition of danger, trauma or dramatic change. An oxymoron of my business development concept. A sales manager and his sales force see market trends, analyse them, manage them and plan actions and strategies. Managing sales is not about adapting to change but about being part of the change.

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